New ISEA Publication: “Moneta e Ricchezza” by Angelo Federico Arcelli

Aug. 29, 2023. ISEA Centro Studi is pleased to announce the release of its latest publication, “Moneta e Ricchezza” written by economist Angelo Federico Arcelli. This thought-provoking essay delves into the intricate relationship between currencies and wealth distribution, offering a comprehensive analysis of prevailing market trends on an international scale.

In “Money and Wealth” Arcelli presents a concise but insightful exploration of contemporary currency dynamics and their impact on wealth distribution. Drawing on his extensive experience, the author provides a broad overview of economic and historical perspectives, with a focus on monetary considerations. In particular, Arcelli offers intuitive insights rather than relying solely on quantitative analysis, fostering a nuanced understanding of the topic.

One of the central themes of the article is the parallel between trust in banks and trust in currencies. Arcelli moves through this intricate connection, highlighting the potential implications for financial stability from distrust in the financial economy. The author’s shrewd observations prompt the reader to consider the far-reaching consequences of such dynamics.

Angelo Federico Arcelli is a leading figure in the field of international economics and governance. As a Senior Fellow at ISEA, he brings with him a wealth of experience. “Money and Wealth” offers readers a unique blend of academic reflection and pragmatic insights. This publication is a testament to Angelo Federico Arcelli’s dedication to advancing our understanding of the complex interplay between money and wealth distribution.

About Angelo Federico Arcelli

Angelo Federico Arcelli is a Senior Fellow of ISEA and a distinguished economist. He is an extraordinary professor at G. Marconi University in Rome and lecturer at the Catholic University of Piacenza. Arcelli holds senior positions at institutions such as the Center for International Governance Innovation (“CIGI”), the Aspen Institute Italia, the Institut d’Etudes Politiques and the Transatlantic Leadership Network. His extensive career includes roles within the World Bank, the European Investment Bank and the private sector. With an impressive academic background, Arcelli holds a master’s degree and a PhD in economic history from Bocconi University in Milan.

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