Maristella Vicini

Maristella Vicini

Senior fellow

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Through our professional activity we develop individual and team potential, while generating value for the system as a whole.

Always in the field of institutional relations, Maristella Vicini had the opportunity to address them from various points of view: within the association system, in companies, in the public sphere and at the academic level.

After starting her career in Confindustria, she returned to the associative world in 1990 to direct the Economics and Business Area, the Study Center and the Service Company of the Association of industrial and service companies of Florence.

In the corporate sphere, she worked both in a medium-sized company, with mixed public and private capital, and in a large group, Fiat Holding, for nine years as External Relations and Communications Manager – Institutional Relations.

In the public sector she was for thirteen years Head of institutional relations of the Autonomous Province of Trento and subsequently consultant in Parliament of the bicameral Commission – Chamber and Senate – for Regional affairs.

The professional activity has always been accompanied by academic, research and teaching activity, which currently continues.

Starting as lecturer in economic policy, economics and management at Italian branches of US universities, including New York University, since 1994 she concentrated her teaching activity on the subject of institutional relations, communication and negotiation within courses and masters organized, among others, by the Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome, by SIOI – Italian Society for International Organization, by Confindustria, by TSM – Trentino School of Management, by Link Campus University, by the Tor Vergata University of Rome, by the Luiss-Business School of Rome, by business associations and private companies.


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