Alberto Zito

Alberto Zito

Senior fellow

Prof. Alberto Zito

L’attività del giurista è insieme libertà ed argomentazione. La libertà senza argomentazione è rumore di fondo. L’argomentazione senza libertà è conformismo.

Alberto Zito is a Full Professor of Administrative Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Teramo. He is also Professor at the SNA-National School of the Administration.

He is a cassation lawyer registered with the Rome Bar.

He has held various institutional positions such as: expert at the Presidency of Council of Ministers for the procedures for the acquisition of goods and services; adviser for the legal affairs of the Minister of Economy and Finance; member of the Italian Government Commission for the compensation leveling Italy-Europe (COMLIV) appointed by President of the Council of Ministers; member of the Evaluation Commission of Investments and Support for the Planning and Management of Interventions Environmental (COVIS) appointed by Minister of Environment; adviser for the legal affairs legal of the Minister for Reforms and Innovations in the Public Administration; member of the Arbitration House for Public Works established at the Authority for the Supervision of Public Works (today ANAC).


Selected Publications
  • The Nudge Regulation in the Legal Theory of Administrative Action (2021)
  • The Damage from Unlawful Exercise of the Administrative Function (2003)
  • Administrative Action and Consumer’s Interest in the Antitrust Law (1998)
  • The Participation Rights in the Administrative Proceeding (1996)

He is also the author for over one hundred essays and scientific articles.

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