Lars Johan Kihl

Lars Johan Kihl

Project member

Lieutenant General Lars Johan Kihl

Lars Johan Kihl is a member of the “ISEA Working Group on Digital Economy and the Geopolitical and Regulatory Impact of AI Development”, a project of ISEA.

Lieutenant General Lars Johan Kihl is a retired Swedish Army officer.

Position: Since 2000 Director Strategic Plans and Policy Directorate, COS HQ. From 2002 Chief of Staff Swedish Armed Forces HQ until his retirement 2004. From 2004 until 2006 Senior Adviser to Ericsson Microwave System. From 2006 until 2010 senior advicer to SAAB.

Other assignments: Member of the Board Swedish Research Agency ( FOI) 00-04. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Science. Chairman of the Board Modul 1 Company 2004-2010. Member of the board 4C Strategies Company. Senior adviser to UAE Armed Forces 2009-2010.

Johan Kihl has since 1996 until his retirement in May 2004, been responsible for the transformation of the Swedish Armed Forces. He made it possible for the Swedish Armed Forces to be among the first in the World and the first in Europe to establish Network Enable Capability into The Armed Forces. Kihl was deputy chairman in the Steering Committee for the Noridic Helicopter Programme 1998-2001.

Kihl was Swedish representative in the six nations agreement ( France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Spain and Sweden) and responsible for the working group Harmonization of Military Requirement 1998-2000.

The Network Enable Capabilities (NEC) has today many names for example NCW; NBO. But it is about the same- to use the existing network to enprove capability.