Projects and Partnerships

Projects and Partnerships

ISEA is developing partnerships with universities, think tanks and other organizations in Italy and abroad to develop specialized academic programs (e.g. promoting master programs in cooperation with universities), research projects (possibly leading to publications in all languages) and all kind of initiatives aligned with its mandate.

The think tank is also active as a consultative think tank to the benefit of public sharing of knowledge, and organizes selected events, including seminars and conferences, to disseminate the proceeds of the research works promoted by the team effort of its fellows and researchers.

ISEA is also active in tailor made consulting support for the private sector by participating to joint activities, partnerships, specific projects focusing on areas included in the domain of research of its fellows.

ISEA preferably activate partnerships with no profit entities, universities, foundations and think tanks, but considers private sector initiatives that align with similar goals.

Academic partnerships

Cooperation with "Università Telematica G. Marconi"

Università Telematica G. Marconi per master di I livello (MBA)

  • Master in Business Administration – Italian version [Brochure]

Università Telematica G. Marconi for the I level master (MBA)

  • Master in Business Administration – English version [Brochure]

International partnerships

Partnership with the Transatlantic Leadership Network of Washington, DC

Targeted partnerships

Partnership with "Festival dell'Economia - Trento" - "Gruppo 24 ORE"

Festival dell’Economia – Trento

  • Event, May 2024, “Global public goods, from public health to climate: national policies or cooperation?” [Details]
  • Event, May 2023, “US state aid to businesses and the European reaction” [Details]
  • Event, June 2022, “Possible long term impacts on the international monetary system, and on the US Dollar, of the current geopolitical and inflationary crisis” [Details]


ISEA Working Group on Digital Economy and the Geopolitical and Regulatory Impact of AI Development

The “ISEA Working Group on Digital Economy and the Geopolitical and Regulatory Impact of AI Development” is an initiative supported by ISEA and led by our Senior Fellow, Phil Midland.

Here is the list of members of the “Digital Economy and AI” project, which is currently being updated.
From the list, it is possible to view each person’s profile page.