Press Review. ISEA at Festival dell’Economia di Trento

On Saturday, 25th May 2024, ISEA held a conference in the context of the Festival of the Economy of Trento on the theme of global public goods, titled “Global Public Goods: From Healthcare to Climate: National Policies or Cooperation?”.

During the debate Federico ArcelliFranco Bassanini, Daniel Hamilton, Paola Subacchi, Nicolas Véron moderated by Maristella Vicini, tried to address the difficult dilemma between national policies and the necessity of interstate cooperation, particularly for the three major geopolitical actors: the USA, China, and Europe, in the current challenge represented by the production of global public goods.

Il Sole 24 Ore, the leading Italian economic newspaper, in its issue of 26th May, dedicated an article to the event in the special section of the Festival of the Economy of Trento on page 9, titled “Global Public Goods, the Challenge: Cooperation Against Protectionism,” written by Manuela Perrone.

Il Trentino, an online newspaper of the Autonomous Province of Trento, also dedicated an article to the panel titled “Global Public Goods: The Challenges on the Field Between USA, China, and Europe,” written by Nicola Eccher, which describes the different positions taken by the speakers during the debate in Trento. Also the Press office of the Autonomous Province of Trento dedicated an article to the event, that you can find on this page of the Il Trentino website.

Our Senior Fellow, Giovanni Tria, participated to two panels at the Trento event. On 24th May 2024, Prof. Tria took part in a debate on the theme “Why Globalization Isn’t Over Yet” with Valentina Meliciani, Miao You, Fabrizia Lapecorella, Shuangmin Hui, and Yiang Yao, during which emerged the urgency of a new globalization and a new global order.

On 25th May 2024, the newspaper Adige, in its print version on page 15, published an article titled “Globalization, New Rules” focusing on this panel.

Il Sole 24 Ore online also published an article about the panel, written by Rita Fatiguso titled “Globalization, no turning back but it is necessary a new global order”. Il Trentino also published an article titled “Globalization, new shared rules are necessary”, written by Daniele Paternoster, which summarizes the speakers’ points of view.

On Sunday, 25th May 2024, Prof. Tria attended also a panel with Wei Chen, Pier Francesco Gaggi, Xiaogang Nie, and Gianfranco Torriero, moderated by Rita Fatiguso, about “Financial Markets: Between Europe and China”. In this discussion, all the speakers shared the position that Europe and China should strengthen their financial relationship through mutual trust and understanding.

Il Sole 24 Ore online published an article, written by Rita Fatiguso, titled “How to restart  the financial dialogue between Europe and China”, which describes the suggestions that have been presented.